The Hidden Engines of Our Body That Revitalize Lost Years...(And How They Keep Us Young!)
Discover The Secret To a Longer More Vibrant and Youthful Life by Feeding These Tiny "Cells Within Our Cells" the Right Way
There are little tiny organelles in our body that accounts for the majority of our cellular energy.

It’s one of the first things we learn about in life science early in primary school, but along the way these tiny powerhouses get almost forgotten.

New research is showing that, (surprise!!) these little generators are far more important than we ever dreamed, not only for keeping cells energized and running smoothly, but also for keeping our whole bodies feeling revitalized and full of youth and vigor.

What are these tiny little guys and why are they so vitally important?

They’re called mitochondria, and though you’ve probably learnt of them before I bet you don’t know just how important they are to our bodies as we age.

So think of these mitochondria as “the little engines that could.” Every cell in our body has not one, or two or even a dozen…

Consider this, each and every cell in our body has THOUSANDS of these mitochondria milling about and helping maintain cellular energy levels and giving us power.

They might even be “superhuman.”
Mitochondria Aren't Even Entirely Human!
I know that might sound a little off-putting but here are the facts.

Mitochondria aren’t really “fully human,” which is to say they started off millions and millions of years ago as something not a part of the human body.

They were probably beneficial bacteria, single-celled organisms that teamed up with bigger cells, and they joined team HUMAN!

As humans have changed over time the relationship has become beneficial to both of us, the mitochondria have a safe and happy place to live and we get their help powering our cells and our bodies.

In fact the relationship is so powerful that when these guys start to wear out, get tired and disappear… we humans (wait for it!) get slower, feel less energy and start to feel the effects of the aging process in our bodies..

Does that sound familiar?

This is what a mitochondrion looks like under an electron microscope…
Here’s a diagram of what you are seeing. The folded internal partitions are quite striking. These are to give extra surface area for chemical reactions to take place.
Mitochondria "the powerhouse of the cell".
The Key In Slowing The Effects of Aging
Is Hidden In Your Mitochondria!
So now we know that mitochondria are pretty important when it comes to our cellular and overall energy… but they’re WAY more important than that.
Mitochondria are one of the key factors to aging, as we know it.
We Boomers aren’t getting any younger and as we age we ALL want to hang on to our youth, our vigor and our vibrant health for as long as we possibly can.

Taking good care of your mitochondria is a fantastic place to start.

See, in addition to generating almost all of a cell’s chemical energy (in the form of adenosine triphosphate ATP) mitochondria are involved in a whole host of other very important jobs like biochemical signaling, cellular differentiation and programmed cell death.
Although they’re often overlooked, your mitochondria might just be one of the most important elements in your entire body when it comes to aging.

Our very lives depend on them being healthy and vibrant, and when they’re not in good shape our health suffers accordingly.

When mitochondria die we age much faster and our energy evaporates like water in the desert sun.

The key is… feeding them correctly!
Mitochondria are HUNGRY!
They are funny little critters though, and they have a very specific diet they like to consume to keep them in tiptop shape. Being that they’re symbiotes (means... "living together") these little critters need to be fed well and fed often.

That’s one of the most important things you can do for your body, to make absolutely certain your mitochondria are doing the job they were meant to do.

And in just a moment I’m going to share with you a complete breakthrough in how to get your mitochondria what they need, when they need it, but first…

What happens when they don’t get fed properly?

Bad stuff, I’m afraid.

Your mitochondria also produce a very damaging waste product when they convert energy.

Free radicals.

We all know just how damaging free radicals can be to our DNA.
In fact, that’s one of the important reasons we have to help them out, with protective and supportive nutrition. Otherwise mitochondrial mutations can be very bad for us.

These mutations are likely to affect areas of high-energy demand such as brain, muscles, central nervous system and the eye.

People suffering from Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease have a much higher mitochondrial mutation rate than do healthy people and so the functioning of mitochondria may be implicated in these diseases.1

The reality is… failed or struggling mitochondria are the root cause of just about any disease process you can name.
The Need To Feed
Free radical damage only gets worse as we age too.
By the time we reach 65 the mitochondrial damage gets a lot worse.

But thanks to new discoveries and a revolution in our understanding of brain development we’re right on the edge of learning exactly how to harness the power of these tiny mitochondria and put them to even better use.

The key to keeping these little guys functioning at a high level and doing their jobs without fail is as I said before, feeding them properly!

And boy do they need to feed.
I’ve been hard at work developing a brand new formula that will keep your mitochondria well fed and happily churning out energy for years to come.

The key is feeding them what they truly need to thrive and reproduce!

So what do we feed them on?
Introducing... Mito-Cell Rejuvenator
If unhealthy poorly fed mitochondria are the quick path to aging… then you absolutely must give them what they need to stay healthy, reproduce often and do their jobs the best they possibly can… and I’ve got just the solution!
The new formula I have developed for you targets your mitochondria and gives them exactly the fuel they need to do their job, keep free radicals at bay and bring your aging body the relief it deserves.
And I’ve packed it FULL of exactly what these little mitochondria critters want most!

Like a kid with double fists full of candy on Halloween, these ingredients will make your mitochondria run like the Energizer bunny. 

In fact I should add a slight warning: we have had customers bouncing around like jack rabbits and needing to be told to take LESS. This super-energizer stuff really does work!

Mito-Cell Rejuvenator contains the exact combination of fuel your mitochondria need to function at their optimal levels (warning some science stuff dead ahead!)
The Science Behind It...
As I said, your mitochondria need some very specific types of fuel to do their jobs properly so I decided let’s just give it to them directly!

First up in this breakthrough new formula is:
D-ribose is a building block of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the principle source of metabolic energy. 

Every cell in the human body makes some of this simple sugar molecule, but only slowly and to varying degrees. 

If you’re going to get enough D-ribose to actually make a difference in your body’s function, you’ll have to get it in supplement form.
The key is the way D-ribose is created and stored in the body.

Unlike other nutrients that are stored in the tissues of the body, D-ribose is different.

Instead of being stored, D-ribose is actually produced in a response to a specific metabolic demand. And this is where they get into a severe deficit, because making D-ribose is a slow and time-consuming process in virtually all cells.
Red meat, particularly veal, contains the highest dietary concentration of D-ribose, but not significant enough to provide any meaningful nutritional support, especially to unwell individuals.

What’s worse: heart, skeletal muscle, brain, and nerve tissue can only make enough D-ribose to manage their day-to-day needs when their cells are not stressed.

Unfortunately, these cells lack the metabolic machinery to make D-ribose quickly.

When oxygen or blood flow deficits are chronic, as in heart disease, tissues can never make enough D-ribose to keep up with demand.

But the benefit of D-ribose is clear… In their book Reverse Heart Disease Now, Drs. Stephen Sinatra and James Roberts report how they use D-ribose in their practice to help patients suffering from coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, peripheral arterial disease, and more.[2]

As they introduced D-ribose (and several other compounds) into their patient care protocols, they noticed an astonishing result: hospital admissions for their heart patients dropped dramatically.

It’s not just about heart disease though.

For example, fibromyalgia patients are chronically fatigued and subject to muscle pain, soreness, and stiffness that can be associated with depleted cellular energy reserves.

It has emerged that patients with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome may have faulty ATP metabolism, so it makes perfect sense to use D-ribose to help them.[3]

It’s clear that adding D-ribose was a no-brainer when it came to creating the ultimate mitochondria energy booster!

But there are several other ingredients that play a vital role in this new supplement.

That brings us to…
Here’s another vital ingredient that takes Mito-Cell Rejuvenator to the next level!

The name carnitine is derived from the Latin "carnus" or flesh, as the compound was first isolated from meat.
This is another substance that we can only get through nutrition and diet, the human body just doesn’t make enough of it on our own.

Mitochondria live for this stuff. It helps get needed nutritional fatty acids into them, especially for heart and skeletal muscle, which totally depend on these fatty acids for their metabolism.4

It also helps rid the mitochondria of toxic compounds and fight free-radicals, which mitochondrial DNA is particularly sensitive to.

Carnitine can help with fat loss, while increasing muscle mass (which is essentially “turning back the clock” allowing your body to slow the aging process down in the process)…
Dietary sources of carnitine include foods of animal origin, such as meat and dairy products but other great foods include nuts, seeds, artichokes, asparagus, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, collard greens, garlic, mustard greens, okra, parsley, kale, apricots, bananas, bee pollen, brewer's yeast, buckwheat, corn, oatmeal, rice bran, rye, and whole wheat.

But even if you eat all of these things and more, your body still needs as much L-Carnitine as we can stuff into it, and our mitochondria just eat it up.
Carnitine and Cancer
Fatigue is a commonly reported symptom in cancer patients, resulting from chemotherapy, radiation treatment and poor nutritional status.

We know from studies that these patients are deficient in carnitine.

It all adds up.

Supplementation with carnitine resulted in improvement of fatigue, as evidenced in NIH-funded randomized controlled trials. Secondary outcomes supported patients with depression, and overall improvement in the quality of life and performance status.
But that’s not all…

I’ve also included what is probably one of the greatest all-round supplements known to nutritionists...
It's called: DMG
Dimethylglycine is an amino acid, a building block for protein. It is found in the body in very small amounts and it doesn’t last long before being broken down. It is a very active molecule and has many uses.

Dimethylglycine (full name: N-Dimethylglycine HCI) is reputed to be helpful for many ailments, as well as also having a beneficial action on nervous system function, liver function, the body’s use of oxygen, and immune system function (acting as an anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal agent).

It can support healthy blood cholesterol and triglycerides as well as helping promote healthy blood pressure and blood glucose. 6

So it’s a great all-rounder.

Best of all, perhaps, it helps protect against stress and the effects of aging. Robert Atkins MD consistently used it as a fatigue booster for those who chronically lacked energy.
Research shows it to be physiologically active and important to cell metabolism, because it contributes to methylation, a biochemical process essential to life and necessary for good health. DMG supplies methyl groups, which enhance many bodily functions, detoxifying, recycling, activating, and protecting many of our cellular pathways.

Methyl groups are attached to toxic metabolites to produce new water-soluble, readily excreted compounds. Thus DMG supports healthy detoxification and enhances liver function, particularly Phase II detoxification (the phase that excretes converted toxic metabolites).
There's another unique aspect of DMG, reported by the Life and Health Research group, from an interview with George Foss [The Foss Report on Nutritional Supplements]: DMG is such a powerful antioxidant, it has been used to help restore severe gangrenous conditions to normal. Russian researchers studied a compound called AEVIT which was a combination of DMG and several other substances. And at one of the main Moscow hospitals a Russian researcher, Professor Yakow Shpirt, administered AEVIT for 30 days to patients who were going to lose their legs above the knees from gangrene. By the end of that time his patients were not only walking again, but were able to jump over a three foot fence. This was due chiefly to the remarkable antioxidant effects of the DMG in the AEVIT compound.

All this is perhaps why James Balch, MD and Phyllis Balch, CNC recommend DMG for no less than 48 different health conditions in their book Prescription for Nutritional Healing. DMG is so necessary to so many bodily functions there are few health conditions in which it is not extremely helpful.

You don't need much DMG to effect some profound and positive changes in your life and in your health. In fact, when you take as little as 50 to 100 mg. a day of DMG, you really begin to feel the difference right away. You’ll notice some very pronounced benefits, such as increased energy, an overall feeling of well-being, faster thinking, enhanced memory, and particularly greater stamina throughout the day.

Being that your mitochondria might just be the #1 overlooked and under appreciated organelles in your body, I thought we might want to make them really, really happy, what do you think?

That’s why I added a very powerful herb with a specific purpose. 
It's called, Rhodiola
Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea), or golden root, belongs to a class of herbs known as adaptogens. 

And the name pretty much describes what they do, they help your body adapt.
Their power comes from the ability to help the body cope and regulate stress hormones. Rhodiola has been studied for years and was supposedly given under cover to Russian cosmonauts, athletes and elite military personnel to enhance their ability to recover after intense stress or exertion.7

Rhodiola provides a buffer to stress-related mental and physical fatigue.

Rhodiola can also aid in the counteraction of adrenal fatigue syndrome, which underpins many conditions of chronic fatigue.
It’s therefore a great energy booster and the perfect addition to my Mito-Cell Rejuvenator formula.

Now that seems like a full on breakthrough formula if you ask me.

But hang on just a sec…I’m not done yet.

When you’re taking Mito-Cell Rejuvenator I want you to leap out of bed every morning with the energy and vitality of a teenager, so I’ve put in a couple other very important compounds to round out this cutting edge new supplement.
First up is Coenzyme Q10
Coenzyme Q10 is a molecule found in mitochondria. It has a critical role in producing energy for every cell in the body and it’s particularly important for the vitality and power of heart muscle. And no self respecting mitochondrial formula could be considered complete without it… (so of course I had to add it!)

Several diseases are associated with low COQ10 levels, including fibromyalgia and the aftermath of a heart attack, male infertility, migraines and Parkinson’s disease.[8]

COQ10 can support healthy blood flow and protect the blood vessels. This mechanism is related to nitric oxide preservation, as seen with Grape Seed Extract, Pycnogenol, and Resveratrol. 

COQ10 can also promote healthy arteries by protecting against LDL cholesterol fraction and plaque buildup. 

In this particular formula we use a very specific type of CoQ10 called ubiquinone.


Because… clinical studies shows an average 55% elevation in CoQ10 blood levels when ubiquinone is supplemented. 

55% absorption into the blood stream is incredibly good and ubiquinone works well with other nutrients. And that brings me to…
Digestive Enzymes
Inside Mito-Cell Rejuvenator digestive enzymes play a very important dual role.
  • ​They help break down and digest foods (which is always important for your body and your energy levels!)
  • ​They help break down toxins in your blood supply
You see, at about 27 or 28 years old your body starts to be less able to produce certain types of digestive enzymes that not only help aid in nutrient absorption but also help rid the blood of toxins.

The digestive enzymes in Mito-Cell Rejuvenator help bring these important enzyme levels back up to youthful levels helping your body process everything it needs to stay youthful and vibrant.

Digesting away-unwanted chemicals in the blood has long been known as a good remedy for food allergies.

But even more importantly, we are digesting away-unwanted substances that can cause chronic inflammation.[9]

As blood cleansers, enzymes promote healthy levels of inflammation throughout the body, which, if left unchecked, can lead to everything from autoimmune diseases, to cardiovascular disease and even cancer.

Keeping these enzyme numbers healthy is vital to overall health and wellbeing.

So by now you may be wondering…
Cristina says...
I received my order of Dr. Keith’s Own® Mito-Cell Rejuvenator and I am very happy! I want to let you know that this is a great, great product!

I love it, it gives me so much energy and I feel good and look good! I love you guys! Thank you so much !
Carol says...
When I take Dr. Keith’s Own® Mito-Cell Rejuvenator each day my energy level is great but when I don't take it I have a hard time moving around.

However, it's nice to know that my six-year-old granddaughter tells me, grandma how come you look so young and yet you're old. I just had to laugh. The product works.

I'm still just trying to get over my vision issues that has deteriorated after being charged $7,000 for one injection in each eye. I will reorder towards the end of the month. Thank you and God bless.
Boz V. from Australia says...
Dr. Keith’s Own® Mito-Cell Rejuvenator acts like a unique repair kit for my aging body parts and functions. Apart from being pleasant to drink, it rewards me with noticeable improvements in my wellbeing. The signs of improvement become obvious after three weeks of use and continued to progress and hold since. Thanks Dr. Keith, this product is on my priority list.
Cristina B. says...
I cannot tell you how pleased and happy I am with your Dr. Keith’s Own® Mito-Cell Rejuvenator formula. It is an amazing product, I feel energized and young and beautiful! I get compliments all the time about my look and stamina!

I just reorder another 3 containers minutes ago and I hope you will continue to make it! I also used the coupon you sent me last time, thank you so much for offering this incredible powerful drink! 
How Do I Get My Hands On Some Mito-Cell Rejuvenator?
As you can see my new Mito-Cell Rejuvenator formula is designed with your aging in mind.
I’ve spent many hours figuring out exactly what this cutting edge mitochondria-filling formula needed to contain and the exact effective amounts that I would need to make sure you got all the benefits.

If you’re feeling the effects of aging, a few “senior” moments, and that old “foggy brain”… Aches and pains that just weren’t there a couple of years ago, making it hard to play with the grandkids…

Eternal fatigue that follows you wherever you go… it seems like your “get up and go” has got up and left (long ago!) Then your mitochondria are probably begging for some lurv! (love)
Mito-Cell Rejuvenator is the key to giving your mitochondria what they need to start producing energy at the optimal levels again and give you ALL the energy you need to get through your day. 

So, now you’ve seen the benefits that taking just one scoop of Mito-Cell Rejuvenator a day can have in your life.
My Mito-Cell Rejuvenator is not available in any store and this cutting edge formulation is time consuming to source and produce.
That means I’m only able to make a small batch at a time.

It’s the only way I can guarantee that I’m giving YOU the best ingredients in each and every container. My quality control and unique formulation requirements mean I’ve only got a small supply on hand at any time.

In fact, as I write this to you I’ve got exactly 500 containers in the warehouse ready to be shipped. I urge you to get your hands on your own supply of Mito-Cell Rejuvenator while I still have stock in our hands. Seeing just how quickly people are responding to this new formula I know I’ll run out sooner than later and that’ll mean you land on a waiting list.

I don’t want you to wait to experience all Mito-Cell Rejuvenator has to offer you.
I want you to start taking it immediately and see a remarkable improvement in your energy, your vitality and your health.
I want you to be able to grab the kids and grandkids and go for a walk in the park, take that ski vacation you’ve been thinking about and anything else you have in mind for your simply brilliant future.

So today I have a fab-dab offer just for you.

With the quality of our source ingredients and the labor that goes into the process you’d be hard pressed to find another supplement of this kind at anywhere near $100.00 per container.
Sure you could go it alone and get all these ingredients on your own and try to put it all together… but you’d be out a whole lot more than $100 per container (and that’s assuming you could figure out all the correct amounts to make it as synergistic as I’ve done here!) And then you’d wonder every day if you were “doing it right”.

But I’m in the business of helping people heal themselves and their bodies and I just don’t have time for the drivel of price gouging. So right now today you won’t pay anything near $100.00 per container.

You can get your very own supply of Mito-Cell Rejuvenator for just $59.00 a container.
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I’m so convinced that you’re going to LOVE Mito-Cell Rejuvenator, I’m going to take on all the risk (that’s just the way I am!)

If at any time in the next 60 days you decide that Mito-Cell Rejuvenator, isn’t for you, just send back any unopened containers and I’ll step to and get you a full refund on the way. No haggles.
Money-Back Guarantee
You are covered by a 60-day money-back, 
no questions-asked guarantee. 

For a refund, we will just need you to return your unused portion within 60 days of when you ordered it, for a full refund less shipping costs.
Now... Before It's Too Late
Here’s my only word of warning.

I’ll definitely run out of Mito-Cell Rejuvenator.

I’m not some huge conglomerate with the ability to mass-produce this unique supplement.

And I’m 100% dedicated to your health and wellbeing as our #1 goal.

If you’ve decided that the benefits of taking Mito-Cell Rejuvenator each and every day is something you’d like to experience…
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Place your order now while you can.
Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby
Frequently Asked Questions
How many scoops are in 1 container of Mito-Cell Rejuvenator?
There are 30 scoops per container that equals 30 servings per container
How much Mito-Cell Rejuvenator do I take daily and how do I take it?
Mix one scoop daily in water or juice, it's best to take Mito-Cell Rejuvenator with a meal.
How will I feel and what benefots will I experience while taking Mito-Cell Rejuvenator?
You'll notice increased energy, an overall feeling of well-being, faster thinking, enhanced memory, and particularly greater stamina throughout the day.
How do I store it?
Store in a cool dry place.
What if I buy multiple bottles and decide it's not for me?
You are covered by a 60-day money-back, no questions asked guarantee. Simply return your unopened bottles or the unused portion in the original bottle within 60 days of when you ordered it, for a 100% refund less shipping costs.

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